Resurrection and New Life Given by Christ

Rafael - ressureicaocristo01
Raphael. The Resurrection of Jesus (1499-1502) São Paulo Museum of Art

At Easter we conclude our devout following of the momentous events of Holy Week by proclaiming the gospel of the discovery of the empty tomb and of the risen Jesus Christ. The historical details make it clear that the resurrection is not simply a feeling or a conviction, but something that really happened.

The resurrection is also something more than just the coming to life again of someone who has died. The mysterious way in which Our Lord enters a room with closed doors, and the way that the disciples only gradually come to recognise Him, tell of a life that is greater than ordinary life on earth. Our Lord is risen and glorified and will never die again. He is alive for ever to bring life to all mankind. Just as His passion is effective for the forgiveness of our sins, His resurrection brings about a new life in us that is eternal.

On this day we give special thanks for our Baptism. On that day, we shared in the death and resurrection of Christ, and we were born again to the new life of grace. By living the life of Christ, we seek to preserve at all costs the life that Christ has given us and never to lose it through sin.