The Trinitarian Pattern of our Prayer

Blessed Trinity with St Thomas of Canterbury and St Edmund (“The Martyrs Picture”). Durante Alberti (1580) Venerable English College, Rome

The prayer of the sacred Liturgy usually has the form of pleading to the Father, through Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. This follows the pattern of our creation and redemption, and of the work of God in the Church. Praying in union with the Church is the best way to appreciate the profound mystery of the most Blessed Trinity.

At Holy Mass, the elements of bread and wine are offered to the Father and accepted by Him. This acceptance of the Father is what brings about the change of the bread and wine so that they become the body and blood of Christ. We may also invoke the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son.

In our devout participation in the Liturgy, we offer ourselves in union with the offering of Jesus Christ who gave Himself on the Cross.

United with Christ, we adore the Father reverently, recall the many gifts for which we must give Him thanks, repent of our sins and plead for His forgiveness, and then call to mind the various needs that we have, especially of His grace, to serve Him better in our lives.