Thanksgiving and Prayers for the Holy Souls

Statue of the Immaculate – Day With Mary at Margate

Remembering those who died in war, we rightly pray for peace and give God thanks for the security that we take for granted. We should also be aware of our Catholic social teaching which upholds human dignity and equality, and the duty of contributing to the common good, and that solidarity which St John Paul so powerfully promoted.

Various anniversaries have also reminded us of some of the warped ways of thinking that have led to wars and to the killing of millions of innocent people. As Christians, we reject communism, fascism and terrorism and should be keenly aware of currents of thought that in any way promote these evil systems that have destroyed the lives of so many.

As Catholics, Remembrance Sunday should always be an occasion on which we pray fervently for the eternal rest of those who gave their lives. It is a mark of our gratitude not only to remember them, but to pray for them. Many who were unprepared for death will be grateful for ever for our prayers which speed them on the way to their eternal reward.