Genuine Compassion and the sanctity of human life

Giotto di Bondone 086
Giotto di Bondone. Madonna and Child c.1320. National Gallery of Art, Washington

With the celebration of the nativity of Our Lord so recently in our minds, it is appropriate to focus on the sanctity of human life. From the moment of conception, the human person, even at a very young stage, has always been considered by Christians as demanding respect, dignity and protection. Sadly our laws have permitted the killing of many millions of unborn children. We should never grow indifferent to this.

At the same time, those who work in the pro-life movement have shown real compassion to those in difficulties, especially mothers. Genuine and practical offers of help, including accommodation, and a real choice, are offered by several organisations that uphold the sanctity of human life. The accusation that pro-life activity constitutes harassment is totally unfounded. We need not hesitate in supporting pro-life activity.

Saint John Paul offered warm and merciful encouragement to mothers who have had abortions. We should also repent if we have co-operated in any way by silence, consent, or encouragement.